How many people do you take per tour? 

We will take up to 6 adults on each tour. This allows us to provide an intimate experience aboard our canoe, where you are able to interact with your captain and crew directly. 

How much does it cost? 

The morning snorkel and sunset tour are $119 per adult & $75 per child. The afternoon Historic Hanalei tour is $99 per adult & $60 per child. To charter a private tour with us for an hour and a half the cost is $500. Special events and packages are available upon request.

Do  you sail all year round?

Our  sailing season is from April to October 1, so if you are thinking of sailing with us close to the beginning of April or the end of September, we encourage you to check in with us on weather conditions.

What should I bring?

  • Comfortable beach attire. Sandals or slippers that can get wet and be taken off easily.
  • For the snorkel tour, you will need your bathing suit and if you have snorkel gear, you may bring it as well.
  • Sun protection: sunscreen, hat and/or rash guard.
  • Water and snacks, if desired. (Minimal packaging is encouraged! Please be sure anything that is brought on board is taken off board!) 

What about cameras, bags or coolers? Can I bring those?

  • You can bring your cameras or cell phones. Just make sure you have a sealed container or case for it, if you want to bring it on board. 
  • You can bring a purse or backpack if you like, which we will store in the center hull to retrieve at the end of the tour.
  • You can bring a cooler if you wish to keep your snacks or beverages cold as long as it is small/medium sized.

Do I need to know how to swim or paddle in order to go on this tour?

Nope. Our guests vary from experienced sailors to those that this is their first time on a boat. You will not need to swim or paddle at any time during the tour, unless you're on the snorkel tour and you'd like to! The morning snorkel tour is the only time in which guests will have the opportunity to get off of the canoe to swim. We provide safety equipment for those less comfortable on the open ocean, however we like to stick to these two rules: 1) Safety first & 2) Challenge by Choice. Meaning: we will always ensure that all guests are safe first and then it is your choice, as to how much you'd like to participate. We encourage you to sit back, relax and let us and the wind, do all of the work! If you do not know how to swim however, we will require you to wear a life vest.

Is there an age restriction?

This is an activity that is fun for the whole family! From 1 -99 years old, guests of all ages are welcome aboard the canoe. Our keiki under 18 years old, must be accompanied by an adult and any guest in need of special assistance must contact us directly to make special arrangements.

Is this tour for me?

Great news! Whether you're an ocean enthusiast or a poolside cocktail enthusiast; young or old, our tours are for you! Our sails are the most intimate experience you can get, with the open ocean, without actually being in the water. You have the close encounter that a surfer or kayaker does except, without having to paddle, and just like on any of the bigger boat tours, you get to sit back and relax in the open air except without the loud diesel powered engines. All of our tours are family friendly and fun! 

Where do we check-in?

At your designated tour time, we will meet you on Pu'u Po'a Beach, in front of the St. Regis. If you are facing the ocean, walk towards the left end of the beach and look for our red canoe in the water. You can also go here for more specific directions!

Do you still go out even if it's raining?

The weather in Hawai'i is constantly changing and because of this, we are constantly monitoring the weather patterns to ensure a safe adventure. If it is raining, we can still go, as long as the ocean conditions are safe, however, we assess each day in the morning and then check conditions again about an hour before the tour. If we do not think the conditions are safe we will ask to reschedule. Long story short, it varies, but we will tell you to bring a rain jacket (for the sunset tours) just in case! Just remember, with rain, there is usually a rainbow!

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